Accurate. Advanced. Timely.

American Medical Lab (AML) specializes in providing comprehensive diagnostic services in Toxicology, Pharmacogenomics, Cancer Genomics, and Clinical areas, providing our partner healthcare professionals with accurate, advanced and timely information to maximize the effective delivery of care.

Guided by Ph.D. scientists that offer decades of expertise from the field, AML's advanced methods provide you with time-saving and accurate on-site/point of collection analysis for drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs, and occupational health testing.

Cancer Genomics

Cancer genomics is the study of the totality of DNA sequence and gene expression differences between tumor cells and normal host cells.


American Medical Lab (AML) has created one of the most advanced UDT and OFT toxicology methodologies in the industry, which allows you to get accurate and timely results.


Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs.

Why AML?

Discover first hand why our ever-expanding client base is quickly benefitting from the advantages of working with AML such as:

  • Tremendous time and cost savings to reduce the cost of care and unnecessary administrative burden on already time-pressed Physicians and Caregivers.
  • Precise results, error-free reporting, and extensive double and triple checks to eliminate dangerous medical errors, enhance patient safety and meet the compliance guidelines of regulators.
  • Elimination of caregivers and office staff frustration over labor-intensive and error-prone processes such as lab ordering, scheduling, result access, and blood drawings.
  • Elimination of critical communication breakdowns that leads to missing specimens, lab orders and delaying of blood draws and test results.


Clinical, Liquid Chromatography, Hematology, Immunology, Pathology, ...

Did you know?

Did you know, when your physician orders a laboratory test, YOU as the patient have the right to choose which laboratory you want to go to for services?

American Medical Lab can process all orders regardless of the lab name on the order requisition.

Few things to consider when choosing a lab:

  • Quality of Service
  • Convenience
  • Insurance Acceptance
  • Range of Services Offered
  • Access to Results